Game made for the 48h GMTK 2019 Gamejam "Only One".

Only one life, only one room and only one bullet left. All the bandits are coming for you and this town isn't big enough for all of you. Take as many down as you can before you're overwhelmed.

Press M to access the Music volume settings.

Leaderboard issues :

Due to the fact that the leaderboard website uses http protocol, you can't see and put your score with the web version. Please download the Windows, Mac and Linux versions below. During the vote we can't upload the new web version. The scores make 2 to 3 seconds to appear.

How to play :

  • Control the bullet with your mouse.
  • Kill the enemies before they reach you.
  • Use the bumpers to quickly move around the screen.
  • If you're fast enough, your multiplier will increase!
  • Enter your Initials and compare your score to la creme de la creme !

Credits :


Download 47 MB
Download 63 MB
Download 90 MB
Download 228 MB

Install instructions

  • Download the archive .rar
  • Extract it 
  • Run the "Pinball Rodeo.exe"
  • Enjoy !

PS : Leaderboard doesn't work in browser app

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